क्रिया को करने वाला, वह जिसके प्रभाव से या फलस्वरुप कोई काम हो, उसे कारक कहते हैं। 

Co-Karak is a combination of two words. ‘Co’ in English denotes cooperation and collaboration and Karak is a sanskrit word which denotes the ‘doer’ or the ‘implementer’. Our name represents our core belief – TOGETHER WE CAN accomplish any objective or goal.

Who we are

We are an advisory, research and professional services organization operating in the social and economic development sectors. Our diverse clientele includes private companies, bilateral agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Start-ups, Corporate entities, Small and Medium Enterprises and Governments at the regional and national level.



Delhi - Pune - Bangalore - Ranchi

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