What We Do

Advisory & Consulting

We facilitate businesses, both large & small, including Start-ups, to integrate social, economic and environmental sustainability parameters at strategic, and operational levels.

Knowledge & Networks

Facilitating networks and platforms for promoting collaborative approaches aimed at developing solutions to address sustainability challenges.

Policy Research, Studies & Knowledge Documents

We engage with our experts and partners to do actionable policy research. We have expertise in conducting need assessment, baseline studies, and impact assessment studies. Along with our partners we have developed several knowledge products in the form of success-stories, case studies and compendium of best practices. We have created knowledge documents in partnership with several international institutions and in collaboration with experts on CSR, business resilience, start-up promotion and l developments.

Training, Capacity Building & Implementation

We work together with our partners, various ecosystem participants and other capacity building institutions to strengthen their capacities. We support businesses and non-profit institutions to enhance their competencies and enable them to integrate sustainability practices and responsible business behaviour.

Our Focus Areas

Private Sector Development & Business Responsibility

We support private & public sector companies, trusts, foundations & implementation agencies in the areas of Strategy, Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment.

Start-Up & Small Business Promotion

Being the 2nd largest employment generator in the country, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the Indian economy. Sustainability practices and responsible business behaviour cannot be integrated in the Indian economy without actively involving the SME sector.


Indian education system has ample opportunities for innovation at various levels- from pedagogy to capacitating teachers at local and national level – in terms of its planning, implementation, monitoring, curriculum framework, development of textbook etc, in alignment with The New Education Policy (NEP). We collaborate with education institutes, non-government organisations (NGOs), Corporates and Government to conceptualise, pilot and implement innovative solutions. Our support & mentorship for educational institutes in digital interventions include- teachers education, children’s education, achievement of learning outcomes and addressing challenges related to management & curriculum.

Social Sector Promotion

Governments and markets often fall short while supporting under-served communities in developing and underdeveloped economies. This is where social sector steps in. We support ecosystem actors in the social sector in adapting new and innovative approaches and facilitate their partnership with private and public sector for greater impact. We are a team of social sector specialists, entrepreneurs and development consultants; working on innovative and customized developmental strategies across the areas of social & economic research, rural development, health, agriculture and livelihood development, education, capacity building and project management.

Monitoring & Evaluation Services

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